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Licensed in Addiction Treatment, State of California, 1975

Special Certification, Dual Diagnosis Capability in Addiction Treatment, 2009


WRS is a solution for families broken by a mother’s addiction.  Neglected children get their mother back, smile again, and swing open a new gate to the future.  Mothers become sober, healthy, independent parents who bond the family together for the long term.   

Our Mission is to break the cycle of addiction for women in a safe residential setting, allowing them and their young children to live together while learning the life skills necessary to become strong, responsible contributors in their communities. 

Women’s Recovery Services (WRS) is a haven where women struggling to live free from addiction can find the support and specialized treatment they need.  WRS has been providing substance abuse treatment for women in our community for over 39 years.   Our experienced staff continually strives to provide the best possible addiction treatment for women beginning -- or beginning again -- their journey of recovery. 

We know that no one wants to be addicted, and that addiction can claim anyone, regardless of background.  Numerous studies show that addiction is a disease, with a predictable course and outcome when left untreated. 

Research also shows that treatment works.  At Women's Recovery Services we are committed to providing the best, most effective addiction treatment possible.  We provide comprehensive services, using evidence-based cognitive-behavioral strategies and individualized treatment planning, in a residential therapeutic community setting.  Our program offers women seeking freedom from addiction a full twelve months of treatment and support, including a 120-day residential program and a eight-month AfterCare program.

We support and facilitate 12-Step AA and NA participation, with 12-Step principles incorporated into many of our educational classes and groups.  We provide transportation and time in program schedules for women to experience meetings and sponsor/fellowship contact every day, seven days a week. 

We also know that addiction has wide-ranging effects, and we encourage families and friends to become familiar with 12-step principles and the support available to them as well, in understanding the disease of addiction and the ways this disease in a loved one affects them too.

 " When I came here I hated myself...90 days later I love myself."  

"I feel more confident that I can live a clean and sober life."  (Quoted from past WRS clients)

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