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“After eight treatment programs and a drug habit that was 30+ years long, Cheryle, Chris M and WRS saved my life.”

“The wonderful feeling, when I come to that main office or for the Mission Blvd. house, of being welcomed.”

“Your AfterCare sessions on Friday evenings have been very beneficial to my clients.”

“You have an excellent Executive Director – keep up the good work!”

“WRS has become a strength in the community built out of tatters before Cheryle began.”

“My memories go back to the late 70’s when WRS was known as The Unique Place located on Tupper Street. Good memories; Sandy Murphy, Virginia Hartz, Meige Hopkins and many more!”

“After six years working at WRS I see many success stories out in the community living one day at a time.”

“Being able to escort approximately 12 of your clients to a movie some years ago…am ready to do it again!”

“The second week I volunteered at Children’s Program, one of the young boys said with great surprise, ‘You came back!’ To share activities and be a dependable figure in these children’s lives was important to me.”

“Empire College and Winzler & Kelly helped with painting and general house cleaning in 2004. I also installed the little girl fountain.”

“We enjoyed working at your facility last year. The joy and appreciation meant so much to us – we worked hard but it’s a wonderful feeling to have folks care about what we do. Yours is such a worthy program we particularly welcomed the desire of one of your clients to become a painter under the training of our House Captain. We were so glad to be able to touch your lives as you did for us.”

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