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“Making a difference for women and children”

Cheryle Stanley

Cheryle Stanley

Cheryle Stanley, Executive Director
Women’s Recovery Services

Cheryle has worked in the fields of mental health and substance abuse for more than 25 years as administrator and executive director.  Since 1995 she has been director of Women's Recovery Services, Sonoma County’s only state licensed residential perinatal program that serves approximately 90 women and 75 children each year.  The facility will accommodate 20 women and 12 children at any one time.

In 1997 Cheryle seized an opportunity to purchase a four bedroom home for the agency and has made it a lower level of care for mothers and their children who have had successful primary treatment stays in Women's Recovery Services.  Families may live in this transitional house for up to two years.

In 1999, after seeing the damage that tobacco addiction takes on mothers, their children and their unborn, she got the support of staff to embark on a Smoking Cessation Program, for both clients and staff, and integrated it into treatment.  She was met with much resistance from AODS and other treatment professionals.

Approximately 12 infants are born to clean and sober mothers annually, while residing in the treatment program.  These babies are born drug-free including from tobacco/smoke exposure in the facility.


She was instrumental in WRS being selected to receive a $10,000 award for the “protection of women” from the Isabel Allende Foundation in Marin County.  After working many years to purchase the six building facility, it became a reality in 2003.

Received the PAUL HARRIS FELLOW award from Rotary International Foundation
in 2015 for selfless work to further relations among people of the world. 
Special recognition to receive this award as a non-Rotary member.