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Cheryle Stanley

Staff/Advisors and Board

Our experienced staff is trained in group as well as individual counseling. They teach the tools of recovery to be taken back into the community where healing can continue.

Cheryle Stanley, BA (Executive Director) E-mail

Colette Owens, EA (Fiscal Advisor)

Pitr Conroy, MD (Medical Director)

Claudia Zbinden, MFT (Clinical Director)

Nancy O’Brien (Nurse Midwife)

Barbara Joy (Parenting Educator)

 Marie Jefferson (Addiction Specialist) E-mail

Jennifer McQuaid (CAS Certification)

Ruthanne Lopez (Administrative Assistant) E-mail

Yvonne Lucero (Human Services)

Colleen Acree (Overnight Supervisor/AfterCare Facilitator/Transitional House Case Manager)

Stacey Fox (Overnight Support)

Collette Wight (Overnight Support)

Natasha Fronce (Overnight Support)

Elodia Lopez (Children’s Program Support)


Board of Directors

Jody Edwards (President)

Margie Anderson (Vice President/Project Manager for Strategic Process)

Kathryn Ptak (Treasurer)

Janna Patee (Secretary)

Miriam Doner

Claire Hobbs

Neil Martin

Mike Neering

Kimberly Simoni

Candy Young (Webmaster - Volunteer)