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Our Homes

The Women’s Recovery Services offers safe transitional housing for women and their children in three locations in Santa Rosa. Mothers may be able to bring up to two children (to age 12) into residence with them. Our Transitional homes, Sunrise House, Mission House and Hope House, provide a safe “lower level of care” shared residence for women with infants and young children.  


Transitional housing provides "training wheels" during transition to a new life where mothers can practice their newly acquired life skills to become sober, healthy, independent parents of a resilient family. Residents at our Transitional Homes are offered weekly support one-on-one case management meetings with a house manager, weekly on-site Parenting Counseling component provided by WRS Parent Educator and access to WRS professional staff at any time during their residency in transitional housing. 


WRS provides these homes to support mothers for up to two years while learning and building new vocations to become self-sufficient. Mothers gain strength and independence to move with their families to permanent housing found with WRS support, often sharing apartments with other WRS graduates.

"Addiction is a black hole. WRS gave me a ladder to climb out of the black hole and start walking again towards a brighter future."
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