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Our Core Truths & Values

Women with children have complex and special needs.


Women encounter more barriers to treatment and are stigmatized more harshly.


Women frequently have co-occurring disorders (mental health and substance abuse disorders)


Women-only programs that are non-threatening, safe and nurturing will facilitate more rapid recovery and healing.


The services of the community are an integral part of our programs.


We greatly value the confidentiality and privacy of our women and their families.



120 day Residential Treatment Program for pregnant and parenting women in treatment with their children. 


Aftercare is facilitated by staff weekly for up to 8 months.


Transitional Housing is available to graduates of the 120 day 

Treatment Program for up to two years.


Fees: Private Pay/ Contracts 

Fees are based on ability to pay, call for an assessment. 



Level of Care

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