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Our Children's Program

We recognize that, when appropriate, keeping children with their mothers is vital for enhanced recovery. Infants and young children live with their mothers and receive professional on-site child care. School-age children attend the neighborhood school while mothers attend on-site classes.

Children of addicted mothers suffer from compromised living situations and experience the consequences of addiction, along with their mothers. Moms learn the art of recovery while parenting and bonding with their children. 

Parenting classes are provided so mothers may learn the art and joy of parenting. Children are offered additional support from community organizations addressing the needs of children that have experienced trauma in their lives.


Children thrive in our loving and structured environment


Children often feel that they are to blame for their parent’s problems. They can feel a sense of blame and guilt due to their inability to prevent their parent’s condition.

In the WRS Children’s Program, we embrace creating an environment where kids can learn to be a kid again. With art and play therapies, children start to laugh, play and make friends with other children.

At WRS, we want children to enjoy the freedom of childhood, while their mothers work hard and get well.

"WRS helped me to crawl out of this emotional pit I had fallen into due to my addiction.
Today, I have hope for my life with my children." 
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